Different genres of video games and how they can improve your cognitive ability

Many people have not come to identify the importance of playing games beyond the pleasure that they provide. They believe that playing games is just for entertainment purposes and as such, a pure waste of precious time that could be used to do other productive skills. However, this is very false as there are many benefits to playing games apart from the fact that it is a great form of entertainment. If you are worried about the price, the gamer community has found out that video game keys are generally cheaper.

The brain needs some time to relax and always stressing your brain could have negative effects. This is part of why there is the popular adage that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Hence, playing games provide relaxation for the body and the brain that could further make them more productive when they go back to work.

Playing games also help with developing the cognitive ability of an individual. Here are some of the genres of games and how they can help to improve an individual’s cognitive ability. Before buying a game, we should check out if we like their genre.

Puzzles and escape room games

There are video games based on escape rooms and solving puzzles that help an individual to improve their cognitive ability. Puzzles mainly test the knowledge or ingenuity of an individual. Normally, when you are playing a puzzle game, you will be required to put the pieces of the puzzle together in a logical way so that you can get a fun or correct solution. Similarly, escape room games provide you with mazes where you try to find your way out. In some cases, you might face obstacles and in other cases, you might not face any obstacle. The games are sometimes time-based, implying that you are expected to solve the problem within a limited time frame. This type of game helps people to be able to quickly make decisions in tight situations. If you find yourself in a puzzling situation, you are likely to get confused. However, if you have regularly played puzzles and escape rooms games, you will already be used to such situations even though the scenario is different. You will be able to use the same strategies you have learnt while playing the game to find a solution.

Adventure games

An adventure game entails playing a fantasy role and trying to achieve an aim. Majorly, the player represents the protagonist in a story, while trying to explore and solve puzzles. The story is sometimes gotten from a film or literature and could encompass various genres. Generally, we always try to achieve different aims in life. Playing adventure games gives the player a sense of being goal-driven. Depending on their favourite adventure genres and the type of adventure games they have played, they could easily bring such cognitive ability to play in a leadership position or for personal challenges.


A game based on a sport is another popular genre of games. Sports games are mostly strategic. You try to manoeuvre to defeat your opponent. Be it football, basketball, boxing, or wrestling, the aim remains the same. In some cases, you play as a team while in other cases, you play individually. Organizations often look for strategically sound individuals to manage teams and sometimes carry out individual tasks. Playing sports can develop the team spirit of an individual when they play team sports and also strengthen the resolve of an individual to work alone and succeed when they play single-player sports.

Action games

Action games often require some types of fighting. This type of games is great for security agents such as military personnel and police among others. There are also instances where people could find themselves in a situation where they have to defend other people. Being used to action games could help them come up with a nice strategy to salvage the situation. For instance, on December 30th 2019, there was a church shooting in Texas where the gunman was killed by a churchgoer who was armed. Action games could contribute to how quickly someone would think in the face of danger, their speed of reaction and defeating an attacker.