Great Ideas for Family Game Tournaments

Spending time with the family is important, especially after a busy day or week at work. If you are given a chance to take some time off from work, maybe a few days or a weeklong vacation, you can grab that chance you have fun with your whole family. You don’t really need to spend much to be able to have fun. In fact, even if you’re just staying at home the whole week, there are lots of fun things you can do. And one of those is holding family game tournaments. If you’ve experienced playing games during family game nights, then family game tournaments are more fun, as they can take longer to finish. It means that you will have more bonding moments with your family. Therefore, if you have a lot of time to spare for your family in the coming days, and you’re looking for fun games to play with them, we’re here to help you. Here are some of the great ideas we can give for family game tournaments.

 Family Baking or Cooking Tournament

two people cooking in the kitchen Baking and cooking can also become a great family game tournament. And aside from being a great activity, it can also serve as a meal or treat for everyone. This tournament can be done individually, by pair, or by group, depending on how many members you have in your family. There are many ways to play this game. To make it more fun, you can turn it into a weeklong tournament. Each day in a week, there will be different foods to cook or bake. Whoever individual, pair, or group will have the most points at the end of the week wins. You can makethe criteria for judging your creations to determine the points. Or you can also do it by voting. One example of playing this is by making the same food. For example, a chocolate cake. Everyone will make a chocolate cake, and the best version wins 5 points, the 2ndbest wins 3 points, and 1 point for the 3rd best. For the other days, you can try making Italian dishes, Mexican dishes, or cooking a dish by using only the ingredients available in the kitchen. With this tournament, your whole family will surely enjoy keeping track of their points the whole week.

A Casual Monopoly Tournament

people playing Monopoly Playing a casual monopoly game tournament is also a fun idea, which the whole family can enjoy. To do this, you need to decide what your tournament would be like. Decide how many games you will play and how long it will take. It can also depend on how many members your family has. You can do it just like an official Monopoly tournament where there will be two timed 90-minute games. But you get to decide how many games and how long each of those games will be. You can split your family into equal groups or pairs. If you are 6 in the family, you can have 3 groups with 2 members each. After the second game, have the players add up their scores from the first game to get the grand total. The players from each group that have the most total assets will advance to the final round. This means that there will be one from each pair that will advance to the final round. And the winner of the last game will be the grand champion of your Monopoly tournament. To make it fun, you can hold an awarding ceremony by giving away prizes to the winner and the runners-up, and consolation prizes for everyone, as well.

Family Lip Sync Battles

woman singing The idea of this game is to choose a song then perform it as if you are the one who’s really singing, even if you are just lip-syncing it. The battles can be performed by group or individually, depending on how big your family is. Or you can also do both. For example, a week of group or duo lip sync battles, and a week of individual performances. You can take the game to the next level by assigning songs, choosing the artist to choose songs from, have judges, or maybe let two family members compete with the same song at the same time. Before the battle, you can give everyone a heads up, for like a week or two. This will allow all of you to have time to prepare and practice for your performances. This game can also run for several days, or you can play it every weekend. For example, you can set a battle for a week. Everyone will battle during the weekdays. Then, a grand finals battle will be held on the weekend, featuring those with the best performances based on the criteria that your whole family will set. You can determine the winners by voting, and prizes are optional but can surely add to the fun.

Video Game Tournament

people playing video games If you’ve watched a video game tournament live or on television, you can also do that kind of tournament at home, if you have a console and if everyone in your house loves to play videogames. Each week or every two or three days, depending on how many you are in the family, you can choose a specific game to play, and you will battle individually with one another. For example, this week, you’ve decided to have a Tekken tournament. If you are 4 in the family, there will be 2 battles for the first night. Then, the following night, the winners from the previous battle will battle against each other, the same goes with the losers. Then, the winners that night will be battling for the grand finals the following night. To add to the fun, you can make medals or certificates for the winner. For example, you can write on the certificate, “Best Tekken Player,” with the winner’s name on it. Then, you can proceed to play other games, following the same rules. This kind of tournament will keep everyone entertained, especially if you have lots of multiplayer videogames at home. These are some of the best ideas we can give for family game tournaments. Holding a family game tournament will surely give everyone at home a great time. You can also come up with your very own family game tournament, depending on what your family loves to do. These games, aside from being good past time activities, will also help your family to become closer and know one another better. We hope the ideas we shared will be able to help you in coming up with a fun family game tournament.