Guide to Understanding Cannabis, THC, Hemp, and CBD Oil

With the legalization of cannabis in many countries all around the world, people have begun to grow curious about it and began to ask questions regarding why it was legalized in the first place considering how over the years it was depicted as something bad or unacceptable.

Well, it would be surprising for a lot of people to know that cannabis and weed have been used in the past for medical purposes, to the point of being a rather common treatment in ancient times. It was presented to Western Medicine around the 19th century, and it was very popular for relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Back in the day, people either consumed it the same way as tobacco, smoking it with pipes or making homemade cigarettes (or blunts), and also drank cannabis-infused beverages like teas or alcoholic drinks. The effects were really similar, but smoking was well known for having a much faster response with stronger results, whereas consumed through mouth could take longer, with a more lasting effect.

Talking About the Present

Nowadays you can either consume it for medical reasons or use it for recreational purposes. Either way, some people have found a solution to many problems through cannabis. You see, there are three different types of cannabis, the main ones being Sativa and Indica, and the secondary being hybrid. Here you can get very detailed information, but I’ll discuss them briefly, and talk about how they are presented in modern days.

Sativa is the type of plant that is famous for having invigorating results, usually being the soul of the party. People tend to describe this type of plant as energizing and is more commonly used by those who want to enhance their senses to enjoy an experience, or do creative work under its effects, like painting or writing.

Indica is the contrary since it focuses on relaxation, and helps people who struggle to keep their mind and body in control. It’s probably one of the best alternatives for people who suffer from insomnia or want to fix unhealthy sleeping schedules, and it has been researched as a possible alternative for people who suffer from seizures.

The hybrid version of the plant may (or may not) grant the effects of both depending on how it was cultivated, but they usually start with one of the effects to end with the other or may cause both relaxation and invigoration at the same time. For many, hybrids are probably the weirdest to experience.

Let’s Talk About Products

Let’s Talk About Products

Products based on cannabis contain tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) and it is the main reason why cannabis and weed are psychoactive. On the other hand, other products may be produced using the hemp plant instead, which is a variant of the cannabis plant that contains low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, and higher levels of cannabidiol (or CBD).

These two compounds are pretty similar when it comes to benefits, helping people with insomnia, relax and calm themselves during panic and anxiety attacks, and are also able to reduce pain and inflammation.

But the thing is: cannabidiol-based products don’t get people high when consumed. They might cause a feeling of drowsiness, though, but it depends on the product and the dose you consume.

When it comes to medical and recreational cannabis, you can find blunts, edibles, and strains to grind yourself and prepare, but they can get you high.

The most common CBD product is CBD oil, but you can also find edibles such as cookies, or creams and ointments. Considering that cannabidiol is also beneficial to animals thanks to being THC-free, a compound that can be very dangerous for animals, pet-owners have opted to use products containing to help their pets deal with the same symptoms claimed to be treated with cannabis.

Still, legalization on both types of products is far from being universal, so before you consume any of those products you should check whether they are legal in your area or not. You can get more information on the internet.

As a personal recommendation, you should also look for dosage guides online to help you come up with the right dose as soon as possible, since some side-effects are directly linked to consuming much more oil or smoking much more weed than recommended, so make sure to do it before trying these products!