The Definitive List of the Best Arcade Games

The history of Arcade gaming can be traced back to 1962. Martin Graetz, Steve Russel and Wayne Wiitnen introduced the world to Spacewar. Later on, in 1972 Nolan Bushnell created Atari and Pong some of the most popular arcade games of all time. In the late 70s, Arcade machines became quite popular at gatherings and other fun events.

Arcade games come with so many fun sound effects, graphics, and other social experiences that you would not normally get while playing in the comfort of your own home. Currently, there are so many arcade games that you can get to play right now. Here are some of the most loved arcade games you can ever get to play.

Street Fighter II

The game was released in 1991 and it has gotten remastered a number of times. You can get to pick from the different fun characters, while the cool sound effects will put you in the right fighting mode as well.   In 2016, the series hit its fifth modern version, which was later reinvented into the Arcade edition by Capcom.


In 1980, Pac-Man changed the whole scenery of Arcade gaming. Now, the game has a number of versions and a movie as well. The game has developed much more than just a tiny circle that is feeding on blocks and ghosts in order to earn points. The game has over 250 levels that you can play, and now, you can get to win real money while at it as well. Challenges have been created as to who can earn the highest points in Pac-Man.

Space Invaders

Get a chance to be a world hero and stop space invaders from reaching your kingdom. The game was initially created by a Japanese company, Taito, and later modernized in the United States. Space Invaders is also one of the highest selling games in the world. The game has made billions in profits since its invention. The game is quite fast-paced, which makes it easily addictive.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong will give you the first Mario experience. The game will give you a fixed character of a jump man who has to fight a Donkey Kong in order to save a princess. Different obstacles will be thrown in your way to avoid you from doing it successfully. The game was created by Nintendo’s legend, Shigeru Miyamoto.  It immediately became popular among the players due to its fun and exciting gaming concept. You can read more about this arcade game, and more on this page.

Dragon’s Lair

A lot of movies ended up adopting some concepts in this game. In 1983, Don Bluth got into the production of this popular fun Arcade game. The game will give you a chance to be a knight in shining armour for a princess. However, you will need to be quick to act in order to be able to accomplish your quest. Also, the game is quite popular for giving you some funny death scenes. Dragon’s Lair has topped so many arcade gaming charts worldwide.

The House of the Dead

This will give you the ultimate horror experience. From the name, you know that you will be dealing with Zombies. In 1996, Sega got to create this classic Arcade game. All you will need to make sure is that the fast-moving zombies do not get to you by shooting them. The House of the Dead will definitely give you that adrenaline rush that you need to keep everything exciting.


Tetris is a Russian game that was released back in 1986. It is a puzzle game that will give you blocks in different shapes to carefully align so that you create a whole object.  The game can be highly addictive as well.  You can also get to slightly alter the shapes so that they can fit into the puzzle.  The speed of the block will differ according to the various levels and each level comes with even more fun and exciting challenges for the players.

Arcade Games FAQ

Are Arcade Games More Fun than Video Games?

Arcade games are just as equally fun as any other game. The difference in social setting and scenery helps to set apart the gaming experience.

What are arcade games?

Arcade games are the games that you get to play from a gaming machine from gaming fairs, movie cinemas, and so many more outdoor settings.

How many Arcade games are there in the world?

There are plenty of arcade games that you can play. Most of them come in different sequels to give you a different or upgraded experience of the whole gaming process.