Mastering the Break Shot

billiard balls, cue ball and cue stick set atop a table ready for a game to begin

In the game of pool, the initial break shot establishes the game’s momentum and dynamics. Utilizing a strong break cue can disperse the balls widely across the table, opening up opportunities for consecutive successful shots and enhancing the likelihood of pocketing balls in the very first attempt.  A break shot is the … Read more

Billiards and Pool Etiquette

A group of smartly dressed men playing billiards

Billiards and pool are both cue sports that involve hitting balls with a cue stick on a rectangular table covered with cloth. However, they are distinct games with some key differences such as table size, rules, scoring and gamplay variations. However, billiards and pool share several similarities in terms of etiquette, reflecting … Read more

One-Piece or Two-Piece Pool Cues – Which is Better?

man playing pool

In a game of billiards, particularly for serious players, the pool cue can make or break their game. It can be a challenging decision to choose a pool cue, whether you are picking one for an impromptu game while you are out with your friends or looking into investing in your own … Read more

Differences and Similarities Between Pool and Billiards

man playing billiards

Most of the time, the words pool and billiards are used interchangeably as they both refer to games played on similar-looking tables with a cue and balls. However, what many people don’t realize is that these two words have different meanings, and the games also have some striking differences, particularly in table … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Table

A club with two red-carpeted pool tables

Making a plan for a billiards room or a game room is a renovation project solely dedicated to family entertainment. One of the most enjoyable parts is selecting a pool table to play the starring role in your game room. Some people don’t realize that purchasing a pool table can be a … Read more

How To Select the Right Billiards Balls?

A billiard ball

From the outside, all billiard balls look the same. But different materials have been used to make billiard balls over the years. There was a time when the balls were made from celluloid, which was a volatile inflammable material. With that being said, the quality and material of the balls impact the … Read more

History of Billiards

A billiard game in progress

Billiards is a game played on a rectangular table with a certain number of balls and a long stick called a cue. It is not something new. In fact, historians suggest that billiards has been around for centuries and even played by kings, presidents, and ladies, etc. Today, the sport offers international … Read more

Billiard Tips for Beginners

billiard balls

Although billiard might seem like an easy game from the outside but there are small details that help your game turn from good to excellent. These small details often go overlooked but have a crucial role to play when it comes to perfecting your game. For some, it might be boring because … Read more

Practice Tips for Getting Better At Pool

Pool table

Pool is one of the most followed games in the world. If you have been following the game, especially the pros, and wish to become one of the best as well, you need to practice the right way. Becoming good at pool requires a lot of practice. Many players out there fail … Read more

Are Billiards and Pool the Same Thing?

Are Billiards and Pool the Same Thing?

Confused if billiards and pool are the same thing? In short, they are not. The term billiards is an umbrella term for all the cue sports (games played with cue sticks and hard billiard balls on a raised surface such as a table). So, pool is basically a type of billiard game, … Read more