Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Table

Making a plan for a billiards room or a game room is a renovation project solely dedicated to family entertainment. One of the most enjoyable parts is selecting a pool table to play the starring role in your game room.

Some people don’t realize that purchasing a pool table can be a big financial commitment. Pool tables can range from $600 for a small starter table with a wood bed and laminate rails to $10,000 for a professional-grade table with a 1-inch slate and intricate carvings. Some tables are readily moveable, while others are so heavy that they become a permanent part of the home.

The question here is how you choose the right pool table that suits your needs. To assist you in making the right decision, here are some essential tips you should consider.

Buying Guide for the Right Pool Table


1. Size

When buying the pool table, the most crucial thing you should consider is its size and how much space you have. You can get tables in lengths, ranging from 6-9 inches with varying widths. When measuring your game room, keep in mind that you also need a lot of space to play and move around comfortably.

2. Style and Theme

Pool tables are available in a variety of styles, ranging from conventional to ultra-modern. Some tables are elegant, with beautiful corner moldings, net pockets, decorative rails, and turned legs, while others are streamlined and sleek. Make sure to go with the style and theme that suits your game room and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Slate

The high-quality pool tables are made with slate. Even though there are plenty of less expensive playfield surfaces available, quality slate is built to last. Although ¾” slate is the industry’s standard, professionals play on a 1” -1.25” thick slate. The thicker the slate, the higher the quality of the table and consequently the longer it will last.

4. Frame

A good slate needs an excellent supporting frame. Most frames are made from wood, with hardwood being the best option. The standard structure for a ¾ inch slate uses two crossbeams, but quad beam construction is required for a thicker slate. This helps in keeping the playfield in perfect condition and keeps the slate from warping over time.

5. Legs

Strong legs are essential for the durability of your pool table. The legs need to support a heavy slate and frame, and the players lean against or sit on the billiards table while playing the game. There are two different types of legs. The best one is the post leg made using a solid piece of wood from the floor to the frame. As the name implies, the two-piece option is designed to be detachable, with a break between the leg and the frame. As this is the industry’s standard, it does reduce the stability of the table.

6. Rail Cushions

Solid wood rails are the right choice for durability, but selecting the suitable material for long-lasting cushion lining isn’t easy. The cushion gives a natural rebound for balls off the table’s rails. These cushions come in two different materials: synthetic and natural gum. Both provide good rebound for the balls at first, but you will notice a difference after a while.

7. Cloth

Often wool-nylon blend fabric is used to cover a pool table. It gives a fuzzy feel, thanks to the wool, and it is also tear-resistant because of the nylon. The pool table cloth is mostly treated with Teflon to make it stain-resistant. A high-quality billiard cloth will weigh between 18 and 22 ounces per yard.

8. Conversion Guides

Due to the trend of smaller living spaces, many billiard companies are now providing multi-purpose tables. For example, Canada Billiards’ La Condo Series. These tables combine a pool table with a dining table. These tables are also available in 7-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot, and super small 6-foot sizes, making them ideal for condo living and other smaller places. Hence, you can play pool and have dinner on the same table. 

9. Accessories

When purchasing a pool table, remember that most models include the following accessories: balls, cues, chalk, and a triangle. However, there are several accessories that you can add to any model, including cue racks, cue cases, and other deluxe pool table accessories.

10. Transportation and Installation

When choosing a table, two of the most important things to consider are how you bring it to your home and who will put it together. One of the main advantages of buying a pool table from a reputable billiards retailer is that they transport it to your home and often have qualified billiards mechanics who install, repair or re-cloth your pool table.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Pool Table

Common Mistakes When Buying a Pool Table

Purchasing Used Tables

A common mistake most buyers make is that they buy a used table without being aware of the quality aspects of the table. If you are unsure about its quality, features, and reliability, you should purchase a new pool table.

Most used pool tables don’t last very long. Even though they might have a low price tag, you still have to, for example, buy a new felt replacement for it. Hence making you spend more than a new table.

Choosing a “Stock” Pool Table

There are several options you can go with when it comes to buying a pool table. You can even get your pool table customized, which is the best choice you can ever have. A customized pool table allows you to be a part of making and designing a pool table that is unique to you and your preferences. 

You can provide your specifications and selections while still ensuring that the final product is long-lasting and outstanding. For example, you can buy a customized modern designed table that uses natural timber. In this case, you have the option of selecting the type of wood to be used. You can also choose a finish to the top and legs. You can base your final choice on your room décor. 

However, a customized pool table with everything topped up can be very expensive. 

Failing to Check the Warranty In Exchange For the Price

Most people buy things based on the price. They don’t realize that they are trading the warranty of the product for a much lower price. When purchasing a pool table, always make sure to read the terms regarding the warranty. 

If possible, choose one with a lifetime warranty unless you have a compelling reason not to. A lifetime warranty indicates that the company believes in the product. It can last for a long time with proper care. You can be confident that this is made of high-quality materials.

Pool Tables – Knowing What to Look For

Buying a pool table is a one-time investment that you should be careful about before making. It is best not to go for a used or second-hand table as it can cost you more than a new pool table in the long run. Keep everything we mentioned above in mind before buying a table, so you don’t regret your decision later.