Billiard Tips for Beginners

Although billiard might seem like an easy game from the outside but there are small details that help your game turn from good to excellent. These small details often go overlooked but have a crucial role to play when it comes to perfecting your game. For some, it might be boring because it brings you back to the basics but that is the only way to learn the game properly especially if you are a beginner. With that being said, you should practice and implement these tips during every game especially if you are holding the cue for the first time. Let’s start.

Beginner playing billiard tips

Learn how to aim properly

The first thing you need to master is how to aim properly. Beginners often find it difficult to answer how to hit the ball properly so that it sinks into the target pocket. The key lies in determining and establishing a point of contact between your cue ball and target ball. If you are not aware of how to aim. Pretend that there is a line that is going straight through your target pocket’s center. At the same time, the line should also be going through the center of the object ball. Repeat the same process with your cue ball. The point where these two lines meet is your aim. 

Ghost ball method

Another great way to learn aiming is by imagining a ghost ball. It basically serves and acts as an imaginary position in which the cue ball should be to ensure that it strikes the object ball for it to sink the target pocket. However, for you to hit the ghost ball, you will need to develop a perfect aim. Hitting the ghost ball will only work after you have mastered the technique of aiming. 

Once you have determined the point of contact between the cue and object ball, you are going to imagine a “Ghostball”. If you can imagine hitting the cue ball exactly where the ghost ball is, you will take your aiming to the next level. 

Furthermore, there are many other aiming techniques out there. You should play around with as much as you can until you find something comfortable and then stick with it. 

Develop a strong pool stance

Now that you have perfected your aim and the ghost ball method, it is now time for you to develop a strong pool stance. This makes a huge difference between an amateur and professional players. The aim of having a strong stance is to allow more control, reducing movement, and keeping your body in line with the aim. Remember, there is no perfect or universal stance. It all depends on what comforts you and enables you to take precise shots. If your stance makes you feel burdened, then you should opt for a different one. 

To develop a strong pool stance, begin with your back foot. It should be lined up with your shot. Most players will take the shot with their left foot, your other foot on the other hand should be positioned alteast shoulder-width apart. 

Furthermore, you need to ensure that your chin is positioned right above the cue stick. This will help you straighten your aim. To ensure the aim, double-check with your dominant eye. The key is to position and level your head so that you can clearly see the cue ball for visual alignment. 

Stablehand bridge

Now comes the tricky part. Creating a stable hand bridge will make all the difference between winning and losing. It is important because it defines the way you make contact with your cue ball. Then again, there is no universal or perfect hand bridge. You should choose that makes you comfortable and allows precise shots. You can create a hand bridge by pushing your thumb against the index finger while spreading the other fingers on the table for stability. 

Always chalk

Not chalking the cue will result in miscuing the shot. A lot of players have lost important games due to ignoring chalking their cues. This is important in a game like pool where precision is everything. Therefore, before you take a shot, develop a habit of chalking your cue. You cannot afford to miscue a shot especially when you are down to the last numbers. 

Final Word

Billiard can be a tough game to practice. You should always focus on mastering your stance and developing a perfect aim. If you struggle with progress, ask a friend to take some pictures while shooting so that you are able to polish your skills. And most importantly, have confidence in yourself and never give up. All the professionals were once beginners and you are going to be the best.