Ideas for Having a Karaoke Themed Party

Singing is one thing many of us enjoy doing alone but it is even more fun when it comes to having singing parties. Karaoke-themed parties have become increasingly common all over the US and that is no surprise. The traditional parties have been replaced with karaoke parties and the audience just loves it. If you are also planning to have a karaoke party, here are a few ideas to help you decide. 

Ideas for Having a Karaoke Themed Party

Decide on a Theme

The main theme of your party is karaoke. However, you can have even more themes in karaoke to make it more interesting. The guests can dress according to the theme, and the decoration can be coordinated too. You can have themes like 90’s music, and rock and roll. These are amazing, but you can also go a little farther. 

If you’re looking for something that stands out, you can choose space as a theme. People can show up dressed like astronauts, or aliens. If you or your friends love space sci-fi movies, you can set Star Wars or Star Trek as a theme. Since these movie universes are so vast, your guests will have a lot of choices when dressing up. 

If you’re having a karaoke party near a holiday, it would be perfect to make that holiday the theme. For example, if Christmas is near, everybody can dress accordingly, and you can simply sing Christmas songs. 

Similarly, you can also choose Disney as a theme if you want to. Everybody can dress like their favorite Disney character, and be a princess, or prince for a day. The Disney movies have a long list of songs too. Let your inner child out, and belt out the lyrics to your favorite childhood movie. This would be the perfect nostalgic visit to your childhood. 

We’ve discussed franchises, movies, and music above. While eras of music make for some very good themes, music performers do too. There are iconic singers and dancers like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears to name a few.  You can recreate their famous looks, and spend the night singing their hit songs. If you love bands and groups, Backstreet Boys, Beatles, One Direction, and Spice Girls, are some groups you can try. 

K-pop has also become quite the craze these days. This is another good theme for your karaoke party. 

Deciding on a theme is one of the best ideas for having a karaoke-themed party. Dressing up in costumes will remove the initial awkwardness people have when singing in front of others. It’ll create a carefree, almost childish atmosphere that will allow everyone to have fun. 

Following a specific theme will make the karaoke party even more interesting.

The Invites

What better way to introduce your guests to your theme, than the invites? If your theme is rock and roll, or a music artist, design your invites to look like concert tickets. If your theme is something like space or Disney, you can simply print a map of the solar system or Disney characters on your invitation. Remember that the more creatively you design the invites for the party, the more active will be the audience.  

Invite your guests in a unique way for the karaoke theme party.

The Karaoke Machine

The most important thing you need for a karaoke party is a karaoke machine. You can either rent a karaoke machine from anywhere near you or hire a karaoke DJ. The DJ will bring a karaoke machine with him. 

Once you’ve arranged the karaoke machine, you need to worry about the songs. The store you rent the machine from might offer you some songs for free. Nonetheless, if you want songs that fit your theme, you will have to rent them separately. Additionally, not every karaoke rental shop will have the songs you want. You should prepare all this a long time before the party. If you can’t find shops that rent your songs of choice, changing your theme last minute will be problematic. 

Proper karaoke machines come with a mic. However, you can also rent machines that connect to your iPad or other such devices. These will come cheaper and will be easier to use. On the other hand, if you don’t want to buy a karaoke machine, you can also just download a karaoke app. This is perfect because you can play the lyrics on your TV, through screen sharing. 

A mic isn’t a necessity if you are singing in a small gathering of people. However, you can have a mic if you want to. Though it should be noted that these machines with mics are more costly.  There are plenty of good songs to sing on a karaoke machine

Get a good karaoke machine for the best experience of the party.

The Decoration

Every good karaoke party needs decoration. You need to set the mood for you and your guests to have fun. There are a lot of ways to decorate for your party. Generally, fog blowers, colorful LED lights, and disco balls are perfect. You can also invest in special LED light displays that pulse in time with the beat of your music. You will simply need to connect them to your karaoke machine. Strobe lights are very important for the karaoke theme parties so don’t miss them at any cost. 

After this, you can decorate according to your theme. Decorating for a party can be expensive if you really want a superfine decoration. We recommend you stick to general decoration if you’re concerned about the budget. Decorating your house is an amazing idea for having a karaoke-themed party. Most of the time, decorations like disco balls, fog makers, and snow machines can be rented too.

The better the decoration, the more interesting is a karaoke theme party.


Snacks and drinks are essential to ensuring your party is a hit. Bring out the soda and food so everybody can keep their energy up. Pizza, fried chicken, wings, nuggets, and burgers are some very common choices. However, you can always spice things up. If your theme is the 90’s, 60’s or rock and roll, here’s what to do.  Add pop rocks, rock candies, energy drinks, popcorn, gummy bears, and cinnamon rolls. It is suggested that you do ask the guests if they have any allergies or not prior to setting the menu. Alternatively, be prepared for any changes or extra orders at the last moment. 

Arrange the snacks for all your guests.

Favors and Prizes

A favor is something your guests take home from your party. They act as little souvenirs and remind you of the good time you spent together. These favors don’t have to be something expensive. Try to look for cheap figurines or something else that matches your theme. 

Prizes add a little competition to any party, and you can’t deny that competition is exciting. You can hold little contests at the party, and whoever wins gets a prize. This is an amazing idea for having a karaoke-themed party. You can simply give the winner an extra bottle of soda, or an extra piece of chicken. The competitions don’t have to be about singing either. You can also hold a trivia game on your theme. 

Give some gifts for a karaoke theme party.


Arranging a karaoke-themed party is not anything difficult. If you simply follow the tips mentioned above, you can give your guests a great time in which they are not bored. The important thing is that you don’t compromise on investing in a good karaoke setup because this is the center of attention for the party. Also, make sure that the other aspects such as prizes and snacks are good.