Planning a Karaoke Party with Games

Hosting a karaoke party is a great idea, especially for those who love music and singing. One of the main enjoyment when it comes to attending a karaoke party is getting to take the spotlight and sing your favorite songs. It also does not matter if you can sing well or not, as long as everyone is having a good time. One of the essentials when planning a karaoke party is having a karaoke machine. You can either buy one or hire a karaoke DJ to bring his machine. Having a large supply of karaoke songs for the guests to sing is also important. 

You can also consider adding some decorations to create a fun atmosphere, including disco balls, spotlights, and more. But to make the experience more fun for everyone, coming up with karaoke games is also a good idea. This way, your guests will have more motivation to sing many songs on the machine. If you are planning a karaoke party with games, we’re here to help you. In this post, we are going to give you some of the best tips to make your karaoke party more fun and enjoyable for everyone. 

Best Tips When Planning a Karaoke Party

a microphone at a karaoke party

If you are thinking of hosting a karaoke party soon, it is better to plan ahead to ensure that the big day will go smoothly. To help you, here are some of the best tips that you can follow:

  • Pick a DJ and make a playlist for your karaoke party.

If you are the host of the party, there is surely a lot on your to-do list. Therefore, it is better to choose someone to be the karaoke DJ who will be assigned to pick the song for everyone. If you do not want to hire a DJ for the party, you can also write down songs on some paper and ask your guests to pick their mystery karaoke song out of a bowl. You also have the option to prepare a playlist in advance, including some of the favorite songs of your guests. 

  • Test all the equipment you are going to use for the party.

You should not forget to practice before the big day. Do some sound checks and test all the needed equipment at least a few days or maybe a week before, and once again on the day of the event. This way, you can ensure that everything will go smoothly and that everyone will have fun. 

  • Set up fun props for your guests. 

At any party, it is always fun to have some props, and a karaoke party is not an exception. Your guests will surely love it if you provide props for them, such as masks, hats, and other fun party favors that can turn your party into an extraordinary one. 

  • Don’t forget to provide snacks for your guests.

Of course, the party will not be complete if there are no delicious snacks that your guests will enjoy while singing their favorite songs on the karaoke machine. You may also want to consider the type of food that you will be serving. You can choose whether it will be buffet style or you can get simple foods like pizza. It is better to go for easy and less costly food ideas like chips, fries, and soda. 

Best Games to Play at a Karaoke Party

man holding a microphone

If you are looking into adding some extra pizazz to the karaoke night that you are hosting, it is a very good idea to incorporate some karaoke machine games. If you can’t think of what games to play with your guests, here are some of the best ideas that we can recommend:

  • Karaoke Roulette

This is a fun karaoke game that you can play with your guests. All you have to do is write down the names of all the guests in your party and place them in a bowl or hat. Then, scroll through the list of karaoke songs and stop randomly. Once the song has been chosen, pull one of the names out of the bowl. The person who is called needs to come up and sing the chosen song. This game will give some thrill and excitement to your guests at the party.

  • Name That Tune

This is a great game for a karaoke party. Divide your guests into teams, or they can also take turns at one-on-one play. Pick one person to be the singer. The rest will be competing to see who can name the tune first. The singer needs to belt out a designated amount of the song and then give a point to the team or player that calls out the title first. 

  • Don’t Forget the Lyrics

You can also do a party version of the hit game show on TV. What you need to do is jot down snippets of lyrics from your favorite karaoke songs. Ensure that the songs can be identified by all. Leave out specific words, depending on the level of difficulty that you want. Mix up the papers in a small bowl and let each guest draw a piece of paper from the bowl. They need to guess the correct missing words from the songs and sing their hearts out. Guests who will not be able to guess the correct words are given some dare. 

  • Name That Singer

Just like in Name That Song, your guests need to guess the singer of the songs in this game. You can prepare the names of popular singers and a list of their most popular songs. The guests will draw papers from the bowl, and the host will announce the title of the song to the first team or guest. Each is given a turn to try to guess the name of the artist. The first team or player to guess the artist will earn the right to sing one of the songs.

  • Rock Star Look-A-Like Contest

When you invite your guests, you can ask them to dress up as their favorite rock stars and sing. You can also host a musical-themed karaoke party and let your guests dress up as their favorite characters from musical shows. This will make your karaoke more fun for everyone.

These are some of the best tips and tricks that we can give when it comes to planning a karaoke party with games. Karaoke is indeed one of the best ways to get your family and friends involved in music. It is also always nice to have some decorations and food that are themed around the activity you are planning. But the most important thing is to ensure that your guests will have a good time. We hope this post will help you plan a great karaoke party with games.