What is ABDA Darts?

The ABDA or American Baseball Darts Association is a group of people dedicated to the American Style darting game and community. They are the ones who administer and maintain the American Darts Wall of Fame. In addition to that, ABDA is also responsible for administering the PA State Dart Tournament. There are many different types of dart games, but baseball darts are the most popular in the United States. It is also referred to as the American dart. 

The objectives of the ABDA include organizing all American Dart Leagues under one sanctioning body. They are also the ones who obtain sponsors to help promote the game of American Darts. The organization also compiles a set of rules that will let all leagues and tournaments be consistent in all events and assets of the game. They are the ones who set dates, formats, and locations for upcoming tournaments. 

Also, note that people in the ABDA are volunteering their time and efforts as no one pays any dues to them. This means that they are driven by their interest in the sport and their passion, as well. If you want to learn more about baseball darts, read on as we’re giving you more information. 

What is Baseball Darts?

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Baseball is one of the best dart games for beginners. It is a game that will force you to aim at more of the unused spaces on the dartboard. It keeps players moving all around the board and helps them learn the numbering as they play. 

The game is not just for beginners, as the best players also need to practice targeting the lesser-used targets on the board. In addition to helping players increase accuracy, it also focuses on triples. The game of baseball can be played in either single competitions or teams. It is an enjoyable game to get out of the boredom of triple 20s and 19s. 

Baseball is among the popular dart games in America. However, the rules of baseball darts have little to do with the real game of baseball. The name came from the fact that it lasts nine rounds or “innings.” Also, each point scored is traditionally referred to as a “run.” Those are the only similarities that it has in the real game of baseball. Also, only the numbers 1-9 will be used for the game unless it goes into extra innings. 

What are the Rules of Baseball Darts?

  • Number of Players: 1 – Unlimited
  • Who Can Play: Any dart lover from kids to adults
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Length of Play: 25 – 40 minutes
  • Main Goal: Get the highest score by the end of the game

In baseball darts, each player takes turns throwing their three darts at the number associated with that inning. Therefore, in the first inning, all darts need to be thrown at the number 1 on the dartboard. One hit in the single section scores one run, the double is worth two runs, and the triple is worth three runs. However, if the dart hits outside of the 1, it is worth zero. 

After all the players have had their chance at the number 1, the inning is over. The game will move onto the second, where the number 2 becomes the scoring target. This will continue until the players have completed a total of 9 innings. The player or team with the most score at the end of the 9th inning will be the winner. If ever there is a tie at the end of the 9th inning, the players will then continue onto a 10th inning where the number 10 is the target. It will continue until a clear winner is determined.


The inning pertains to the number of sections in which players need to score. The dartboard is usually subdivided into 20 sections in the shape of a wedge. There are numbers at the edge of the board representing the value of that wedge. Therefore, in the 1st inning, all the darts in that round need to fall on the section that is labeled 1, and so on for the rest of the innings.

In case a player throws a dart, and it falls on a number that is not the number of the inning, the score will not count towards the total score, and no point is given for that throw. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the points earned in baseball darts are called runs. Each player is expected to throw on the same number during a specific inning. That makes the scoring run is the place where the dart falls. For instance, if it falls on the outer ring of the dartboard, which is also known as the double ring, the player scores two runs. 

The same rule is applied when the dart lands on the inner ring halfway between the double ring and bull’s eye, which is a triple ring, giving the player three runs. If the dart lands anywhere else on that specific wedge, the player only gets a single run. Therefore, the run determines the score that each player gets. 

For example, if the player is playing in the 7th inning, he is given three darts to throw. He needs to throw all the darts on the wedge or slice indicated seven. If the first throw lands on the double ring, the second on a triple ring, and the third on the spot that has no ring, the score will be 2+3+1=6. It will be placed in the score cart. But if one of the darts went out of the section, it will be counted as a 0. 

Rule Variations for Baseball Dart

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One of the variations on the rules of baseball dart is playing with a 7th inning stretch. This makes an additional rule where if the players do not score a run in the 7th inning, their whole score is halved. This can be good to mix things up a bit. However, in most cases, playing with this stretch can make or break a game. 

Also, if you are playing baseball with teams and they are uneven, you may need to use a dummy player to even out the scoring. It is a predetermined score based on the skill level of the players, and it is divided equally among the innings.


Baseball and darts are not usually two games that people would expect to go together. However, this has not stopped players from inventing Baseball Darts. Its rules are truly worth learning, especially if you and your friends are looking for a long game to play on the dartboard. It is a versatile game that is best played in a group, but it can also be played solo. There is also no math involved in this game, unlike in the traditional game of darts. Therefore, it is a great game that you can use to refine your dart skills while having lots of fun. We hope this post helped you learn more about ABDA darts.