Theme Ideas for a Game Room

No matter how old we are, kids and adults both enjoy having a sense of fun in the home. If you’re lucky enough to have a game room, adding a theme to it will make the room livelier and more exciting. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and family. Since it’s your personal space, you can design it any way you want. If you’re going to personalize it and create a great gaming atmosphere, choose a good theme, and keep it coherent all over the room. It’s all in the details!

Check out these theme ideas for a game room:

Super Mario

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Game World Map in a 5-piece

Streamline Cushioned Toadstool Chair

Super Mario-themed pillowcases

Nintendo Super Mario Build-a-Scene wall decals

he Super Mushroom

Boo Ghost


Super Mario Question Block

You can go vintage and create your own Super Mario-themed room with elements from the first Mario games released in the 1980s. If you’re a fan of the early video games, you may consider these cool items that can suit your fancy:

Star Wars

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Lightsaber Room Light

Death Star popcorn maker

candy bowl holder

Star Wars-inspired wall clock

R2D2 string lights

3D light effect by using Yoda's face

Darth Vader outlet wallplate

If you love Star Wars, it’s easy to make your game room into a sci-fi center where all your nerd friends collide! Well, nerds are cool now, so why not embrace it by making it the theme of your game room? Here are some cool items you can add to spruce up your game room:


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matching baseball ottoman

set of 4 pillowcases

baseball fairy string

soccer bean bag chair

football-inspired swivel office chair

ball-inspired lamp shade

wall-mounted rack steel memorabilia holder

Sports is a big umbrella group for anything played, but for ball sport fans like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and more – there are a lot of theme options for you. Ball sports-themed elements are perfect for little boys with an exciting game room. If you like every ball sport, check out some of these decorations:

Rustic signs

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small rustic metal street sign

Game Room Sign

Bladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered Sofa


wood barrel accent lamp

Arcade Reproduction Vintage Advertising Sign

hantajanss Route 66 Signs

A pool table is popular in residential game rooms, and rustic décor is perfect for it. Your man cave can look more fitting for the game if you add rustic accents. You can achieve it using these perfect home décor items:

Game consoles

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Paladone Playstation Icons Light

iscream Game On

Paladone Playstation Officially Licensed Merchandise

Gaming Room Decor

247Skins Vinyl Dry Erase Refrigerator Door Wall Gamer Decal

Paladone Xbox Logo Light

Some game rooms are designed for playing PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. If you’re a gaming nerd who owns a lot of game consoles and invites friends to come over and play, maybe it’s time to spruce up your game room with these amazing finds:

  • PlayStation addicts will love to receive these table accent lights to display on their game room. It features the complete PlayStation icons, which is sure to be a conversation starter.
  • Add this accent pillow shaped like a game controller to your game room couch so everyone can feel the game. 
  • For your clock, this PlayStation controller alarm clock will always make it seem like it’s time to play games. You may want to bring this to your bedroom, too.
  • Decorate your game room door with a Do Not Disturb sign to keep other people away as you play.
  • If you have a fridge on your game room (because you don’t really want to leave the room), stick out this adorable Game Boy-inspired decal on it. You can also put it on the door, and everyone will know it’s the game room center.
  • Light up a corner using this Xbox logo light. Let it illuminate your space while you play games late at night.


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Semtomn Area Rug

iecool Texas Hold'em no Limit Neon Sign

American Art Decor Casino LED Light Up Sign Wall

64 Casino Chip Coin Display Case Cabinet Chips Holder Wall Rack

Gouchee Home Cube Brava Collection

For a game room designed for playing poker, cards, and other casino games, you can make it look like a real casino using casino-themed décor. This will surely get you and your guests excited to play. If you’re looking for poker tables, check out some of our best picks here. Give your game room a casino vibe using these home items:

  • Use this casino rug to make your guests know what this room is all about.  
  • This Texas hold ’em sign is a perfect addition to spruce up your game room. It’s a vintage-style casino neon light that will bring a familiar casino feel to your home.
  • You can also bring a casino LED sign inside your game room or add it to your door.
  • Display your precious casino chips in this display holder made of handcrafted hardwood.
  • Add a dice bean bag chair to your casino room to make a striking accent.
  • If you need a wall clock, choose something inspired by a poker roulette to keep the casino vibe going.
  • You can also get inspired by roulette casinos as well.