The Stunning UGears Research Vessel

Puzzles are entertaining and educational, and they are great pastime activities, too. It is perfect for people who are looking for a hobby that will keep their minds busy. But today, almost all people have smartphones and access to the internet. With this, how do you think can puzzles retain their appeal? Well, one way is to add new fundamentals to them to make them more fun and entertaining, just like what UGears did.

UGears is a business that makes and sells 3D wooden puzzles. The puzzles they make are unique, fun, entertaining, and educational for both children and adults. Their products are more than just puzzles because they are created using high-grade and 100% natural plywood, and most of their models are very useful, too. Each model has sophisticated shapes, quirky ornaments, and fine textures.

When assembled, UGears puzzles can be used as pieces of decoration at home or in the office. They also come in different themes, such as transportations, buildings, animals, and more. Another amazing part of the puzzles they offer is the moving parts, such as opening doors, rolling up sails, moving levers, and more.

Today, we are going to look into one of the best models that UGears offers, which is the Research Vessel.

What is the UGears Research Vessel?

The UGears Research Vessel is a puzzle set that will make you imagine yourself setting sail towards exciting nautical adventures. It is a highly-detailed and fully-functional copy of the modern-day ice breakers and survey boats. The gears of this model are arranged in a way to produce the sound that is comparable to the sound of a diesel engine. This set also comes with a bathyscape, a motorboat, and a lifeboat, which are all easily and safely accommodated on the vessel.

Here are the specifications of the UGears Research Vessel:

  •   Dimensions: 14.9 x 6.7 x 1.7 inches
  •   Size when assembled: 15.2 x 4.3 x 9.8 inches
  •   Estimated time of assembly: 9 to 16 hours
  •   Level of difficulty: Hard
  •   Number of parts: 575
  •   Recommended age: 14 and up

How Does the UGears Research Vessel Work?

The Stunning UGears Research Vessel

There are many exciting elements that are featured in the UGears Research Vessel, which can make your experience more genuine. It has the drop ramp, the cargo area that has an opening hatch, and as well as a swing jib crane, and a special extension platform for the bathyscape, making this model more fun and interactive.

The engine room of this vessel also has an exterior design that gives easy access to the inner work of the mechanisms that make it move. It also has several modes that are controlled by a level, which is turn, forward, and automatic maneuvering.

Other Wooden Models by UGears

Aside from the Research Vessel, there are many other UGears mechanical models to discover. Here are some of them:

  •   Hurdy-Gurdy: The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy is the first fully functioning string musical instrument in the world. It is an exact model of an original French instrument. It features intricately detailed decoration. It is a lovely wooden 3D model that you can display in your house, and as well as use to play some music.
  •   Safe: The UGears Safe has a real working combination lock. It is perfect for those looking for storage to keep their important small items. It can also be used to practice some safecracking skills, but only for fun, obviously. It is a good and customizable toy that will surely bring a lot of fun.
  •   Truck: There’s also the UGears truck that looks a lot like the iconic 1920s Ford Model. It is run by a set of rubber bands that can move it into forward, neutral, park, and reverse transmission. It is quite difficult to build, but the outcome is undeniably worth it.
  •   Train: The UGears train is an attractive steam locomotive model. It has beautiful details, just like the V-Express. You can also use it to observe the daintiness of its moving elements. The arrangement of its parts makes it look like an actual train. It also runs on a rubber-band operating motor. This model can run up to 13 feet in just a single wind. The UGears train model is a brilliant puzzle to build and a pleasurable and educational toy to play with.
  •   Treasure Box: The UGears treasure box is very useful as it can hold small items like pieces of jewelry, and as well as some keys. It is also fun to use because for you to open this box, you will need to spin a wheel gear and press on the hand lever. It will trigger the inner mechanism of the box, lifting it a little upward and opening the lid. To close the box, you need to hold a finger on the hand lever for quite a while, and the lid will begin to close.
  •   Flower: There’s also the UGears flower model. It is an elegant bud-shaped box with petal doors that open like a blossom after you turn the ring. It is great for holding and displaying pieces of jewelry. It is also a perfect gift for someone very special to you.

UGears wooden models are indeed interesting, educational, useful, and entertaining. All of them are great ways to test your mind and have fun while learning. These items are great as gifts for both kids and adults. So, if you are looking for the perfect puzzle to solve, visit UGears’ website now and see which of their puzzles will catch your attention.