The Best Games To Play Whilst Traveling

Playing games whilst traveling can be a great way to pass the time and get into the vacation spirit. Not all travel is fun and exciting – there is often a lot of time spent on planes, buses, and cars.

For these times, games are an excellent way to pass the time and even more so when you are traveling with kids. A good game can keep the kids entertained and can sometimes be a way to enjoy your surroundings even more. Even games designed for kids can do a great job keeping adults entertained!

The best games whilst traveling are definitely the ones that everyone can join in on. This means apps and personal game consoles are off the list. Here you will find some of the most fun and easiest games to play to help you to your destination.

Car Spotting

Car spotting games are a classic and a great way to pass the time when on the road. There are now so many variations on car-spotting games including an entire range of car tag games, and the objective of the game will depend on which game it is you are playing.

Games can range from color car spotting to car bingo. Color car-spotting games can be especially fun in places like Thailand, where the array of colorful taxis give the cities character. It is also a way to get everyone involved in taking in the surroundings of wherever you may be.

Be careful though – games such as punch buggy and other variations can get too full on, and younger kids may end up in tears.

Example of a car spotting game…

Color car spotting – One person chooses a color. They then estimate the number of cars you are likely to see in this color before you reach your destination. When a car this color is seen, the person who answers first will score a point, and the person with the most points wins.

I Spy

I Spy is another traditional game that is great for any journey, no matter where you are. It is easy to play and younger kids can join in. It can also be a great way to take in your surroundings depending on where you are, as the description of things in different countries can open your eyes.

How to play…

Choose the first person to play (an easy way whilst traveling is to go youngest to oldest). It is this person job to choose an object to ‘spy’ on and give a clue. The object must be within sight and must be stationary. Usually, only one clue is accepted, but if no player answers, another clue can be given. The player who answers correctly becomes the next spy.

Monopoly Grab and Go

Better suited for longer trips and nights spent in, Monopoly Grab and Go is a board game on the go. Although it is basically Monopoly in portable form, the game is not identical to the original.

One difference is that there is a single card each for community and chance, but the game is essentially played the same. It includes all properties and money for up to 4 players.

This game is more suitable for older kids and adults, and it has lots of parts which can be a little inconvenient, but there is no doubt Monopoly is a great game to kill boredom.


Hangman may be a game you have not played since childhood, but it continues to be popular and is a great way to pass the time whilst traveling. Hangman is a great game for multiple players to play and easy enough for younger players.

You can also get quite creative with the way you draw hangman. There are several variations of the game, but so long as the players abide by the rules, you can play it however you want.

What you will need…

  1. A pen/pencil
  2. Paper

How to play…

The first player will think of a word. This word will be written out on a piece of paper, with a line representing each letter. Following the template of the hangman, each incorrect guess at a letter will result in one line of the hangman stick figure being drawn. There are eight parts to the hangman, and once 8 incorrect guesses are made, the game is over.


Perhaps one of the easiest and most fun card games to play, UNO is a great boredom killer. Anyone who knows colors and numbers can easily learn to play UNO. It is best for kids over 7 years old and can be played by up to 10 people.

How to play…

Each player is dealt 7 cards, with the remaining cards placed face down. Players will place a card in the center which will either be the same number, color or wording as the card before it. Wild cards require you to specify an action,  action cards direct you to follow the action required. And don’t forget to say UNO when you are down to one card, otherwise, you will have to draw 2 cards.


For some instant fun, a deck of cards is always handy and snap is something that can get everyone’s attention. The great thing about snap is that is can be played pretty much anywhere – so long as you have a flat surface. It can get boring quickly, but it is a great short term solution to pass the time.

Plus, there are so many other games you can play with a deck of cards that makes them almost a staple whilst traveling.

How to play…

One player will shuffle the cards and place one card down at a time, whilst the other players observe. As soon as two of the same cards are placed down, the player that first places their hand on top of the cards and yells “snap” will claim the cards. The player with the most cards wins.

Alphabet Game

Whilst this is a game played in the car it is not strictly a car game, and so is in a class of its own. This game is a fun way to see the diverse range of town names in different areas – and even in your own. It can be especially fun when the places have funny names, and when you start looking you’ll likely find that many do.

How to play…

The objective is to find a town name on a sign moving through the alphabet, beginning with the letter A all the way through to Z. The first person to spot the name scores a point and the person with the most points win.  If all else fails you can have fun as well with your devices on great options like bast utdeling and more.

What is your favorite game to play whilst traveling?