Places You Can Find a Foosball Table

Foosball is a fun tabletop game for kids and adults. People have been playing this miniature indoor version since around the late 1800s, though it didn’t take off in the United States until the 1970s. If you are a video game player its good to crawl from the depths of the basement to the gaming room and play foosball against other actual human beings. You may need to go to out of the house to find a foosball table to play on that you can purchase or to go and play with other people. 

When looking for a foosball table, there are several considerations one must remember. 

First is the foosball table model–whether it is a professional table made of highly durable material or roughly durable material. 

Second is the size of the table in which you consider your location and space. 

Next is the frame material, whether in a similar wood finish or aesthetic design that complements the rest of your décor.

Another is the rod which is usually made of steel or chrome and can be hollow or solid. 

Lastly are the handles– the only part of a foosball table you will be touching during a game, so they must be comfortable, typically the best, and easy to grip. 

There may be different brands, designs, materials, and modern styles of foosball tables. Well, you can try to look at the foosball table near you, which you can find in the nearby gaming shop. But other foosball players explore and work best for them if they take it online. 

So, here are the suggested places where you can find a foosball table.

Nearby foosball bars


Foosball lovers are always in search of foosball tables for sale near you. In this case, there is a lot to choose a product where you can compare products with each other. If you have a personal brand preference, then it is best. The great benefits of nearby shopping are to buy within a short time and essential for easy transport. 

Just check for bars with foosball near you for products and services, or you can check it from your map if you are unfamiliar with places. The bars with foosball locations can help with all your needs, from experiencing how to play to exploring what kind of foosball table suits you.


Online e-commerce sites that sell foosball tables are of much help when it comes to saving time. You do not have to go to market, and you can check out first its description as to the size, material used, and the reviews and have no hassle going out of the shop. You can also check simply what foosball table works best if the user is a beginner or for tournaments. However, you need to know about the best online sources. Below are suggested e-commerce sites that are best for providing a foosball table.

  • Amazon
  • Ali Express
  • E-bay
  • Overstock
  • Walmart

Best Brand Sites

Branded products are always the perfect choice. A brand produced and released a product with a warranty or guarantee. A user can check out what foosball table one is looking for—whether one is on a budget or looking for a vintage yet trendy foosball table. So, you can buy a foosball table based on a well-known brand and top-rated foosball tables in which ratings are usually based on the preferences of the users. For example, there are Hathaway 56” primo foosball table, kick venture 55”, kick legend 55 foosball table, and tornado.


Young boy playing table football in 1989

There are also foosball tables that are offered in an auction sale online. For one is the 1978 tournament soccer the million-game foosball table which has been used for 20 years, and others for 40 years. When looking for an old foosball table, check out its item details, conditions, dimensions, and item number with an exact image of the table. 

Henceforth, when buying a used table, check out first the detail online. You can also try first to choose the table from your nearby areas to see the table before buying it. It is essential to check out the product on life in the case of a used table. Furthermore, you need to check each of the foosball table parts- like the legs, rods, or handle. As well as make sure the men and players are ok. Most importantly, confirm the product as per the price range. It comes at half price or less than half the price of a new one. Just be cautious with an incredibly low price.


Are you planning to visit Canada, Germany, or Belgium soon? These places have a handful of foosball locations to play and foosball tables to explore. There are identified places all around the world where it is possible to play foosball and find foosball tables, like bars, clubs, private hubs, etc.

Here are some of the lists that foosball players can explore when finding a foosball table.

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • China

They, too, have tournaments to check out for foosball enthusiasts worldwide. For example, in the USA, there are tournaments in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas. Specifically, in Arizona, USA, there are sports bars and foosball venues where an enthusiast can meet killer foosball players, local pros, new players, and those who like to teach the ways of foosball. 

Former Polish president Lech Kaczyński and former coach of the Polish national team Leo Beenhakker play table football

Moreover, if you are to travel soon and want to find foosball tables and foosball locations in your area that you are not currently aware of, then you can access the directory to find foosball locations. Also, one can have the foosball locations near your store site.

You will want to find best foosball table to meet your needs. No matter where to buy it, study it first, check out, read, and consider your personal preference. Finding a foosball table will always be what is best and fun for you when playing foosball.