Best Room Location for Your Microphone

Quality sound results from a correctly positioned microphone.

A room mic’s purpose is to capture the ambience of the space you’re recording in. However, it is not quite that simple. In general, there is far more to consider than you may realize at first. Let’s get started with some important considerations for placing a room microphone. When you need to … Read more

The Most Stable Portable Dartboard Stands

a dartboard outdoors

If you love to play darts, you’ve probably wondered if there are other ways to mount a dartboard aside from having it fixed onto the wall. This is because, for avid dart players, it is great if they are able to take their dartboards with them and play anywhere that they like. … Read more

Planning a Karaoke Party with Games

friends singing karaoke together

Hosting a karaoke party is a great idea, especially for those who love music and singing. One of the main enjoyment when it comes to attending a karaoke party is getting to take the spotlight and sing your favorite songs. It also does not matter if you can sing well or not, … Read more

One-Piece or Two-Piece Pool Cues – Which is Better?

man playing pool

In a game of billiards, particularly for serious players, the pool cue can make or break their game. It can be a challenging decision to choose a pool cue, whether you are picking one for an impromptu game while you are out with your friends or looking into investing in your own … Read more

What is ABDA Darts?

a dartboard on the wall

The ABDA or American Baseball Darts Association is a group of people dedicated to the American Style darting game and community. They are the ones who administer and maintain the American Darts Wall of Fame. In addition to that, ABDA is also responsible for administering the PA State Dart Tournament. There are … Read more

Do You Need a Separate Room for a Dart Board?

man playing darts in a room

Playing darts is one of the best sports activities that you can do at home. It is a game that is very easy to get into. But for some people, there is one big problem when it comes to playing darts, particularly at home. This is because when you buy a dartboard, … Read more

Differences and Similarities Between Pool and Billiards

man playing billiards

Most of the time, the words pool and billiards are used interchangeably as they both refer to games played on similar-looking tables with a cue and balls. However, what many people don’t realize is that these two words have different meanings, and the games also have some striking differences, particularly in table … Read more

History of the Cornhole Game

people playing a game of cornhole

There are lots of outdoor games out there that are enjoyed by people all over the world. Some of them are very common, such as sports like football, golf, and more. But there are also unique games that many of us enjoy. One of those is the cornhole game. The game has … Read more