Is Online Gaming Allowed in Finland?

Finland is one of those countries that provide a complete monopoly on the organization of any kind of gambling, including online gaming. The local gambling market is regulated by the Lottery law registered in 2012. According to this document, every game that can bring a financial profit is considered to be a lottery. Visit the most reputable Finnish language casinos here.

So, online gambling in Finland is allowed officially since 1996, but it is under the complete control of the state.

However, under Finnish law, foreign online casinos are prohibited. The mechanism for foreign gaming sites has not been developed yet. So, Finnish players have access to gambling sites around the world but consider that such an activity could be suddenly stopped at any moment. Therefore, it is more reliable to join local online gambling platforms.

Although there are several local big and popular Finnish online gaming platforms, which occupy the leading positions on all review lists, the Finnish gambling market has a lot of options to offer gamers. There are special review sites such as Parhaat Nettikasinot, which give you information about a wide variety of Finnish casinos with exciting games like Poker, Blackjack, Slots, etc. and a diversity of payment methods.

In fact, such a state control of the gambling field is quite advantageous for all gamblers and casino owners.

Thus, Finnish gambling monopoly implies:

  • Protection of gaming platforms’ owners and gamers
  • Prevention of gambling abuse
  • Prevention of criminal activity in the online field
  • Reduction of possible social problems arising from gambling

Moreover, to provide its activity, every casino needs to receive an official license. Meanwhile, every user who wants to join an online gaming community in Finland needs to pass a verification procedure.

In addition, online gambling in Finland has some unique features. Thus, in accordance with Finnish relevant legislation, gambling profits are used to finance the following social spheres:

  • Science, art, sports
  • Social and charitable organizations; assistance to the less fortunate and rehabilitation of war veterans
  • Development and promotion of horse breeding and equestrian sports

There is a standard list of requirements for those users who want to start online gaming. If you are already 18, have a bank account and social insurance, the Finnish gambling field is available for you.