How Is the Memorex Sing Stand 2 Different?

Sing like a pro! This has been the goal of some music enthusiasts and not so musically inclined but love singing. To achieve such, one should have a piece of audio equipment or a karaoke machine that has a great impact on the quality of the voice it produces. 

Whenever you look at the karaoke machine, they tend to be flashy and bulky. Well, this is not completely true for Memorex sing stand 2 is the simplest-looking karaoke you can get. Stick to the end of this article as you get to know more about this Memorex sing stand 2 and how it differs from others.

What is the product like physically?

The physical aspect is something that makes this Memorex Sing Stand 2 appealing to many individuals. This karaoke machine is a simple-looking mic stand with a mic, and at the bottom, you have got the actual machine. At a glance, it just looks like a mic stand rather than a karaoke machine.

Space Saving

You do not need to have a lot of space available in your room for the base of the Memorex Sing Stand 2 is circular at 32 cm across and it stands 15 cm high. The whole control panel system is in the base where you have all the karaoke settings. In the center of the stand fits a three-piece pole that stretches to more than two meters so that the supplied microphone can be at the correct level for all, no matter how tall or short you may be. 


The back of the domed Sing Stand has a hard-wired 2.2-meter power lead. Either side of the central pole is the microphone socket and the 3.5 mm socket for iPod/MP3, etc. a couple of stand clips are provided to keep the leads tidy and close the pole for safety even at home. Many users have said that their children use the machine every day and the machine still works well.



The portability with a weight of 9.3 pounds with the good sound quality from the mic makes it a better choice than the others. You can carry it around for your street performances, or enjoy some karaoke in the park when you go on a picnic. It also has a built-in cradle that allows an MP3 player or smartphone to sit upright so the singer can read lyrics. You don’t get to do that with some other karaoke options out there.

What are its product features?

This karaoke machine is so easy to use and to set up as well. You don’t have much hassle with assembling. The system has a variety of features too. 

Sound Quality


Having a good quality mic is everything you can ask from a karaoke machine and this product comes with excellent mic quality. It has a 2.7 cm lead attached and even an on/off switch on the arm of the microphone. Though this unit comes with only 1 microphone as opposed to the newer model, however, if you hold the microphones of the latter close to the base can cause some feedback. 

Karaoke Speakers

The Memorex MKS-SS2 Sing Stand 2 offers two built-in 5-watt speakers in the base and had improved over the older model MKS-SS1 which is 2.4 watts. The speakers are reasonably powerful and the audio has a clear sound considering the price it comes with it. The design of the karaoke speakers enables the sound to project throughout the entire room. Though, the system cannot be connected to a separate speaker.

Auto Voice Control (AVC)

This model has also built-in auto voice control, an improved version of Sing Stand which amplifies your voice so that it matches the level of volume of the music. Unlike Sing Stand 1 which doesn’t effectively filter out a song’s existing vocals, leaving you to sing along with your tracks or the user will be singing backup to the favorite artist rather in place of them. This AVC takes the song’s original vocals and softens them so users can hear themselves singing better. This is another fun feature because it allows the user to play regular CDs and gets rid of the original lead singer’s vocal so the user can sing the song. 


With an echo control, you can add an echo ranging from minimum to maximum to the singer’s voice. An echo effect makes a singer’s voice sound more professional and gives it a more quality sound.

Accessibility and connectivity


Another useful feature is that the user can stream music from just any device. With this machine, the user can connect to a smartphone or MacBook and load any song using the app it comes with. That combined with its lightweight build makes it super easy for you to move around. It is not compatible with windows personal computers though and it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity or a 3.5 mm audio cable which Stand 3 offers. The latter allows to output you the songs from your playlist without having to go online. Moreover, Sing Stand 2 can also connect to a CD or CD+G player which is another added benefit of this karaoke machine. Another is, that it can also connect your instruments like guitar, keyboard, or any other instrument on this one to play along with your favorite song. This is a unique feature that isn’t found on every karaoke out there. 

Cord Management 

Along with the machine is a cord management clip that will organize wires and help to prevent them from getting tangled up. This is beneficial if you have an outside device, instrument, and an extra microphone plugged in as this would naturally mean extra cords. With the cord management clip, can keep having to untangle cords and keeps from tripping over while singing.

Lastly, this is the most cost-effective, high-quality karaoke you can get. Along with the simplistic looks and features, this fulfills every need for karaoke at a limited price. You can hardly find better options than this one on a budget. Aside from the fact that it will not occupy too much space but it will make you sing and perform like you are having a concert. With a stereo speaker, microphone, and instrument input, you can throw a mini karaoke party with this all-inclusive karaoke machine.