Custom Poker chips

If you’re seeking to spice up your next game night or promote your business to the local community better, the custom poker chips are an excellent alternative. These are stylish and cost-effective options for marketing events like a casino night or a poker tournament.

There are times when it’s good to possess something that isn’t part of the virtual world, when everyone else is on Facebook, Instagram, and a slew of other social media platforms, constantly. We believe that the unique custom poker chips are a great idea. If a firm wants to stand out, it can have a unique business card, custom gift, golf club badge, or even a wedding service.

Custom Casino Chips: How Do They Work?

The custom poker chips are a fun and easy method of promoting your business at trade shows or any other promotional event in addition to being utilized in casinos. The custom poker chips are the perfect solution for casino nights or company events as an inexpensive and efficient marketing tool.

Golfers are increasingly using custom as ball markers on the course. If you’re a fan of poker, you’ll know that custom-printed chips are a must-have for any tournament-goer. Having a long-term promotional value boosts the longevity of poker chips.

Tokens of a cause or a wedding favor are just a few creative ways you may use poker chips.

Promotional Poker Chips with your Logo Designed

Poker with a twist the use of chips as a marketing tactic is not limited to the casino industry. As standalone products, in a set, or accompanied by additional accessories, poker chips are versatile!

Rather than using paper stickers, you may have your brand printed right on the plastic of these chips.

To match your logo or product colors, you can change the base color of the chips to match. Chips should be approximately 0.4 ounces in weight.

When given corporate presents, heavier chips are more valuable since their perceived value is higher. Differentiate from the competition by repurposing an age-old promotional item like poker chips as a corporate gift for your clients.

Types of Poker chips

Plastic Poker chips

Before the 2000s poker boom, these might have been your father’s penny-ante chips. They are sold in red, white, blue and other colors. These are Cheap, lightweight, and suitable for casual poker players in the market.

Those who grew up playing may have seen these in vacation cottages, lodges, hunting camps, or their grandparents’ game closets. They were great for family games. Who could forget the “plink” of chips in the pot?

Clay/composite Poker chips

Clay poker chips once felt better than cheap plastic chips. Modern chips are comprised of a composite substance aiming to simulate clay’s touch and feel. Since the 1950s, clay chips haven’t been utilized in saloons or card rooms. Clay composites supplanted them since they’re more durable and less fragile.

Traditional 11.5 or 13.5-ounce chips make for a great game. They stack and riffle effortlessly, glide easily on the table felt, and are durable. Their more considerable weight makes chip tricks easier and splashes a pot louder.

Ceramic Poker chips

Ceramic chips are smoother, higher-quality, and more durable than composite and clay chips. Ceramic chips are injection molded, and graphics are put directly on the chip instead of requiring an inlay or sticker. Ceramic chips can therefore be designed more intricately.

These chips move quickly on felt and make chip stunts easier than clay composite. Online, you can make any changes.

Metal Poker chips

Metal poker chips are offered for people who want a different design than ceramic or clay composite. Finding them takes time and a sharp eye.