The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Karaoke Machine

Whether we admit it or not, most of us love singing. The problem is the majority of us aren’t very good at it. A karaoke machine is a savior where we don’t really have to worry how good (or bad) we sound.

Karaoke machines have the ability to change your voice so that you sound as good as you think you do. Most of the time, there is no expectation placed on you other than to have fun. This is why the best karaoke machine is such a great addition to any games room.

It is true that for some people a karaoke machine is more seriousbusiness. The best professional karaoke machine can not only allow you to sound great, but it can help you to improve your skill by sharpening your ability to sing certain notes in tune.

The best portable karaoke machine can also be a great option for professionals that need to transport their karaoke machine to venues such as open mic nights or for bringing to parties.

Kids can join in on the fun too. The best kids karaoke machine does not have to be expensive. In fact a cheap karaoke machine for kids is even more possible than one for adults and a great way to keep them occupied for hours.

Each machine features different technologies to suit different needs, and these can differ greatly not just in design but price as well. So what is the best karaoke machine to buy? Read the karaoke machine reviews of top rated karaoke machines below to find one suitable for you.

Compare the Best Karaoke Machines

Use the table below to see how the top rated karaoke machines compare. You can read full reviews on the top 5 karaoke machines listed in the review section below.


Name, Image, Type, Microphones, Bluetooth, Price, Our Score /5

Memorex MKS-SS3 SingStand, , Home, Two, Yes, Check, 4.5

Pyle Wireless, , Portable, One*, Yes, Check, 4.0

Akai KS303W-BT, , Kids, One*, Yes, Check, 4.5

Singing Machine iSM398BT, , Kids, One*, Yes, Check, 4.5

Pyle-Pro PWMA930I, , Professional, One*, No, Check, 3.0

Hello Kitty 68109 CD, , Kids, One*, No, Check, 3.0

Electrohome Karaoke Machine, , Home, One*, No, Check, 4.0

Karaoke USA GF839, , Portable, Two, Yes, Check, 4.0

Singing Machine SML385BTW, , Kids, One*, Yes, Check, 4.0

Singtrix Party Bundle, , Professional, One, No, Check, 4.0


*One microphone is included but there are two microphone jacks

Why Buy a Top Rated Karaoke Machine?

There is no doubt that a karaoke machine can be a load of fun. Even for the shy among us, a karaoke machine allows us to hide and show our skill whilst not really showing it at all! This is what makes it so fun.

Kids love to use karaoke machines as well, and the best karaoke machine for kids does not have to be expensive. It can give hours of safe entertainment offering parents some peace. Likewise the best karaoke machine for home does not have to be expensive either. It can be a great way to end the night even with a few adults – made even better after a few drinks!

Karaoke machines are generally easy to use. They can attach to your phone which allows you to play the best music you have, so you can be confident that you know the lyrics. Other machines use a special type of CD and other methods to play music. They can also feature visual fields so that you can sing along to the lyrics on screen. We will discuss more on what differs among karaoke machines below.

Types of Karaoke Machines

Karaoke Machines for Kids

Kids are often the ones that have the most fun with karaoke machines, and parents frequently ask where to buy a karaoke machines for kids. Of course with anything for kids it is never worth spending too much as they can grow out of it quickly. Having said this most karaoke machines are well priced and have features that kids will love.

Although for some kids karaoke machines can be used as a method to practice their skills, for most they are just a bit of fun. The best karaoke machine kids can allow them to change the the sound of their voice and feature disco lights. This gives the machine a real party focus and makes it extra fun.

The best kids karaoke machines will also either have a screen or the ability to display lyrics to an attached device. They do not usually have the best quality sound but for kids this is hardly an issue, and also works to push the price down further.

Karaoke Machines for Home

A karaoke machine for home use differs only slightly with its features. They are usually the best karaoke machine for adults to use.

The main difference is the lack of kid focused features and the addition of better sound quality. Having said this you can find the best at home karaoke machine with few or many features as this is a wide criteria.

They are mostly small and simple machines that sound good but lack extra features found on professional machines. They are also perfect for hooking up to an external device or TV. Most will not have their own screen as they rely on being used at home and having access to an external device attached.

Portable Karaoke Machines

Some karaoke machines are the perfect size to be moved from place to place as an all in one device. A portable karaoke machine needs to be exactly that – requiring nothing external to make it work other than the karaoke machine itself and a power connection.

Easily moving the karaoke machine from one venue to another makes them great for hosting children’s parties and ensures there is always an activity for them to play. However is a broad category and can also include professional quality machines in portable form – something ideal for those amateur DJ’s among us.

They are also a cheap way to provide entertainment at family gatherings and parties.

Professional Karaoke Machines

Professional grade machines are where the real features are at. They will have the highest quality speakers to deliver the most crisp and clear sound of all karaoke machines.

They also technology to change the sound of your voice so that you can make it as good as possible. A playback feature is another common feature that allows you to record and listen to your voice.

Professional karaoke machines are best for serious singers that want to invest in developing their voice. They can also be great for bringing to venues like open mic nights with features like auto-correct and backing singers.

The best professional karaoke machine can be expensive, but the best sound karaoke machine is always going to be a professional model.

How to Choose the Best Karaoke Machine


The best rated karaoke machine needs to be easy to set up, and luckily most are. This can make having fun with the best karaoke machine for TV even quicker. The best children’s karaoke machine should also be easy to setup and allow children to do it themselves.

Most karaoke machines are ready to be used straight out of the box, however professional grade machines can have external speakers and microphones that require plugging in and set up making them less portable and more time consuming to set up. This does depend on the type of karaoke machine.

Most will either use AC power of batteries as their power source.


Most karaoke machines include a microphone and often have two jacks allowing you to plug in two microphones. A duet is often more fun than singing alone, and for many people this is a feature that is essential. Some karaoke machines even include two microphones but this is becoming rare.

Additional accessories get a bit more confusing. The best karaoke for home use is probably an all in one device where you do not have to worry about purchasing individual bits. Professionals however will be more inclined to purchase high quality speakers and microphones than stock standard. This can go even further and include the addition of external speakers and monitor screens.

Purchasing additional accessories will obviously increase the cost. This is why it is always important to analyze the type of machine you need and recognizing your own requirements before purchasing one.


There are a range of options to play music through your karaoke machine and each machine employs are different one.

A popular method is to use a CDG. These are CD’s that feature graphics and play their lyrics on screen. A karaoke machine with a CDG player needs a screen will need either its own screen or to be attached to a TV or device.

Many karaoke machines now work by playing music from your phone. This is done by attaching your phone through an auxiliary plug. This requires you to have the music you want to sing to on your phone and is an advantage if you already know the lyrics of the song you are singing to. Duets can be more difficult without lyrics, especially if your music is not mainstream.

Another common feature is the use of Bluetooth which allows you to play music from a device wirelessly. It is obviously to see why this is a handy feature, but it is not always essential and does tend to push the price up.

Top 5 Karaoke Machine Reviews

Best Kids Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System with Bluetooth Review

Kids are probably the most likely to have fun with a karaoke machine, and luckily a good quality kids karaoke machine is not overly expensive. The Singing Machine karaoke system provides great flexibility for use with a CDG player so that kids can follow along with specific lyrics on the screen. This is perfect for kids who may not know the lyrics and allows any kid that can read to sing along. The CD4 player also plays normal format CD’s.

The karaoke machine has two microphone jacks which gives kids the ability to sing with another person.although there is only one microphone included and it is definitely worth purchasing a second one.

There is a few features that allow kids to quickly change their sound, but nothing is too technical. It gives them a great chance to see how they can adapt the machine to their voice, such as adding an echo to their voice. The karaoke machine also has an easy to read LED display.

This karaoke machine can connect to other audio devices via Bluetooth and it can also be connected to the TV via a RCA jack. You can use a device such as an iPad to display lyrics. This is essential to display lyrics and videos as there is no actual screen on the machine.

A feature this karaoke machine does lack however is a voice changer, but as a cheap karaoke machine for kids this is expected.

The machine also has disco lights which are simple, and the best karaoke machine for a child does not need much else. Overall this karaoke machine provides more than enough features to keep kids entertained.

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Best Home Karaoke Machine

Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System CD+G Player with 2 Microphone Connections Review

The next machine in our best karaoke machine reviews is the Electrohome Karaoke Machine. A simple step up is this machines advantage as it is able to play CD’s, CDG and MP3 tunes. To display lyrics the karaoke machine requires connection to a TV or device such as a tablet or smartphone and audio can also be streamed this way.

The karaoke machine includes two microphone inputs, but is only sold with one and the additional microphone will need to be purchased separately. This karaoke machine is definitely cool. It has voice enhancing effects that can improve the sound quality of your voice. It also features a backup singer, Auto Voice Control, to keep you on track.

You are free to connect to an online library to source tunes or to use one of the methods above. Unfortunately there is no playback feature or record button hence it is not the best machine for professional use.

The sound quality is also not the greatest, but it is inline with the value of the machine. At times the sound can come out a bit muffled and therefore it wouldn’t make the best system for a real performer. There is also no disco lights on this model which means that it lacks the party style that many people enjoy.

This is a great options for adult. It is an affordable karaoke machine for the home and the best family karaoke machine for everyone to use.

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Best Portable Karaoke Machine

Karaoke USA GF839 Portable System Review

The Karaoke USA GF839 karaoke machine looks high tech and attractive, and the portability of this machine can be owed to its own screen. It turns out this is a fantastic karaoke machine suitable for both personal and portable use at parties.

The karaoke machine features a 7 inch color screen which is clear and easy to read. A great thing about this machine is the record and playback feature. You can save your best work and listen to it on another day. This feature makes it great for both portable and professional use and to remember fun events.

The machine comes with 300 MP3G songs to get you started although these songs really aren’t the best, being a range of children songs and holiday songs. In addition to this playback mode the machine has the to ability to play music from a device via the auxiliary input and also plays from the TV and other devices. There are also 2 microphone inputs and a second microphone, which saves you from having to purchase a second one.

If you do connect a device, the karaoke machine will not play the video you connect on its own screen but rather on the device you connect it to. Although it is possible to find videos online with lyrics it is a shame that the machine does not support this.

But the best thing about this model is by far the sound – its very crisp and clear. This model also does not have Bluetooth. Bluetooth can give you flexibility but is not always an essential feature. For those that need it, there is a model available with Bluetooth – the Karaoke USA GF840.

This is a fantastic portable device and a great addition to any party.

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Best Professional Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System Review

The Singtrix Karaoke System is a well regarded and top rated machine, and we just had to check out. What we found was a high quality machine with features that make it a perfect choice for professional use. No wonder this karaoke machine is so well regarded.

First to note, this karaoke machine is powerful. It has by far the best sound quality, and includes live vocal effects that make you sound and feel like a rockstar. The system also includes pitch correction which keeps you in tune, and the harmonies and voice effects are fun as well. In total there are over 300 effects to adapt your voice, leaving you with heaps of flexibility to sound exactly the way you want.

The 3 skill levels mean that the karaoke machine can be adapt to any skill level, but it is definitely best used for higher quality sound. The hugely powerful 40 watt speakers and sub woofer mean using it below standard is a waste and if you want something with less features, save your money by purchasing something else.

The sound quality is the best of any karaoke machine in this list and it is clearly a high end vocal enhancement device, perfect for developing your skills. Some reviews stated that they have found it hard to set up, however we did not have this problem.

The karaoke machine can be connected to a device to work with music sourced from online. It is also worth noting for those that are confident enough, its possible to sing with no effects at all. With the crisp clear sound you can be sure that your raw voice will sound as good as it possibly can. This is probably the best karaoke machine for adults, and the sound quality and features make it the best karaoke machine overall.

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Final Cheap Karaoke Machine

Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System Review

A cheap karaoke machine for sale does not need to have cheap hardware, and the final karaoke machine in our list proves that. The Memorex Sing Stand 3 is a standalone speaker and microphone combo that works well. It is sleek and easy to use and perfect for home use. The wired microphone attaches to sit at the end and the speaker is positioned at the base.

The karaoke machine uses Bluetooth to connect to a device or with a headphone jack. Connecting a device works well as there is a protective strap that can hold the device in place. This also acts as a screen to display lyrics when they are available.

A benefit of this karaoke system is the addition of an instrument input. You can attach an instrument such as a keyboard or guitar and have the sound play through the speaker. This is ideal for those wanting a karaoke system to practice with as this is great for developing your skills.

There are two speakers that work to play music also doubling as a speaker system, and there are also 2 microphone included. Two included microphones are rare so its great to see this, and means you can do a proper duet with friends instead of just wishing you could. You therefore save money as you do not have to purchase an additional one.

The karaoke machine improves sound quality with auto voice control which manages pitch, but note that it does not play CD’s or CDG’s and does not also does not have its own screen. Still, this is karaoke machine is a step up with great quality speakers and the ability to attach a keyboard or guitar.

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