About Us

Want to have the ultimate games room?

We did and we made it happen!

A few years ago a group of us decided that we needed a place to hang out together without the stress of life following us there. What better idea than to design a games room where we could hang out and enjoy after a stressful day.

When I, Tom, suggested that we use the space under my house, everyone jumped at the idea and we began building a game room.

We started by deciding on which games would be right for us. We thought about what would be easy to play and so that we did not have to put too much thought into it, whilst still being challenging enough, and of course fun. All in all, we purchased a foosball table, a ping pong table, a pool table, a darts board, a great TV with some old and new video game consoles and some awesome arcade style games.

It also turned out to be a great way for us to all show our individuality. We each brought something in to the games room to give it a special touch.

Our games room!

We now want to help others to create their dream games room. We are here to share our tips on how to make your games room great. There are so many different things you can buy to make a games room great, but we believe the best games room needs to start with the basics, such as a ping pong table. You can read about the best ping pong tables here.

If you have specific requirements and need some further assistance, make sure you contact us here. This way you can get started on building the ultimate games room.